Today in the Dauphin Herald – May 12 – 1910

1910 May 12 – Burrows’ Mill Burned

Burrows’ Mill at Grandview was burned Wednesday evening. The lumber in the vicinity was saved after a hard fight. The loss is estimated at $50,000 with $25,000 insurance. Mr. Burrows will rebuild at once. The mill was to have commenced operations today on 12,000,000 feet of logs.

1910 May 12 – Died From Shock

Eunice, the three-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Wells, died Saturday from pneumonia and the effects of a scalding shock. The little girl was playing on the floor of the home, when the bottom of a teapot Mrs. Wells was carrying dropped out, the contents going over the child about the face and neck, terribly scalding her. Everything possible was done to ease the little sufferer before she passed away. Rev. D. Flemming conducted funeral service on Tuesday.

1910 May 12 – Fork River

W. King and D.F. Wilson who have been to Gilbert Plains to attend the Conservative Convention returned last Monday.
Mr. Frame from Treherne came up last week and has been staying at Mr. Cameron’s for a few days.
Mrs. McLean and family from Selkirk came up last week and intend settling in this village.
A Methodist concert will be held on the 24th in the Orange Hall.
Dr. Medd, from Winnipegosis came down last week to inaugurate a Tag-day, but owning to the short notice given very few lapis turned out and the meeting was adjourned till a later date.
C. Bradley and Mr. Walmsley from Winnipegosis paid us a visit last week.

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