Hello! My name is Kaila, I am an amateur genealogist from Canada who is interested in exploring my ancestry from Manitoba and beyond. I will use this blog to document genealogical finds in newspapers and other sources including interesting tidbits on my family as well as others from the surrounding area.

Names of Interest: Allary, Basham, Ellis, Galbraith, Goodson, Holt, Johnston, Kotlarchuk (КОТЛЯРЧУК), Masiowski, Moxam, Munro, Pascal, Pelletier, Reader, Ritchie, Storrar, White

Places of Interest:
Canada, Manitoba. Dauphin, Municipality of Mossey River (Fork River, Winnipegosis)
Canada, Ontario. Renfrew North (Forresters Falls, Ross, Westmeath)
Canada, Québec. Montréal, Ottawa (Hull)

England, London. Benthal Green, Hackney (Homerton)
England, Essex.

Ukraine (Galicia – Галіція). Borshiv district (Борщівський), Ternopil oblast (Тернопільська область). Tsyhany (Цигани)

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  1. Good info. My Great Great Grandfather is Zach Lerat- brother too Marie Adele Lerat. So Napoleon is my relative ..likely you as well. Keep up the good work…I’m currently doing research for my family as well. 12 Ancestry DNA kits into my new hobby!..

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