Today in the Dauphin Herald – Apr 18 – 1912

1912 Apr 18 – Fork River

Rev. A. Wiley, rural dean of Dauphin, visited Messrs. H.H. Scrase and Wm. King, warden, on church business.
R. Rowe and bride, returned from their wedding trip and were greeted at the station with the usual rice fusillade. We wish them good luck. Next.
Mr. B. Tate returned to Dauphin, having spent her Easter holidays with Mr. and Mrs. T. Bailey and renewing old acquaintances. Her numerous friends are always pleased to meet their old friend and teacher.
Pat Powers returned from a visit to Winnipegosis and intends starting business shortly in the Albert Edward block.
The C.N.R. will have to put on a watchman to keep those ponies from devouring the ties and rails as they have things about cleaned up, barring the wire for the cemetery, which comes next to culvert pipes.
Nat Little is busy unloading a car of Cockshutt implements of all kinds.
A concert was held in the Orange Hall on Thursday the 11th. A good programme was furnished and there was a very good crowd present. We appreciate the assistance given by people from Winnipegosis and others in helping to make the program a success financially. Mrs. D. Kennedy and Miss Pearl Wilson of the committee instructed Mr. W. King, chairman, to present the proceeds to Mr. Scrase, on their behalf. After supper a good time was spent tripping the light fantastic until morning.
Mr. Biggs, teacher of Pine View School, returned from a trip to Winnipeg.
Miss Gertie Cooper returned to Dauphin after spending Easter holidays with her parents.

1912 Apr 18 – Winnipegosis

Business Men Organize Board of Trade 40 Members Enrolled $1000 Subscribed
A meeting of the business men of Winnipegosis was held on Monday evening to consider the advisability of forming a Board of Trade. There was a large attendance and everyone present were unanimously in favour of this and determined that an aggressive policy of publicity and advertising be put in hand at once. Over 40 members were enrolled at the termination of the meeting and nearly $500 subscribed; it is anticipated that over $1000 will be received in membership fees by the time the new Board of Trade is constituted.
The growth of business at this point has been rapid during the past two years the fish catch which produces a revenues of over $150 000 each winter will soon be overshadowed by farming and other industries that ill utilize the natural resources of the country adjoining the lake. The surrounding district is vert fertile and with a very low expenditure on draining the land can be made the best in Canada; frost is practically unknown of the prairie farmer are unknown. Farmers here have been shipping wheat out west for seed this spring, and for the rancher and dairy man hay can be had in unlimited quantities and an up-to-date creamery has already made a success and is now paying the highest prices.
The new railway that is being built along the West shores of Lake Manitoba will soon be here, opening up a splendid country that will be quickly settled. The dredging of the river to Lake Dauphin will be copulated this summer by the Government dredges and Winnipegosis will become the natural shipping port for the produce form an already prosperous and tickle settled district.
Any advice and assistance from the Dauphin Board of Trade will be greatly appreciated, or, better still, come and spend a week end at Winnipegosis; there is to be another meeting on Monday next, April 22, the business men here will sure give you a good time.

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