Today in the Dauphin Herald – Mar 14 – 1912

1912 Mar 14 – Fork River

Pat Powers, having finished his lumber contract has accepted the position of head chef for the Williams Lumber Co.
F.B. Lacey of Oak Brae, visited Winnipeg and interviewed the Government regarding a grant for this municipality.
Dr. Medd of Winnipegosis, visited H.H. Scrase and finds he is doing nicely and will soon be around again. We are all pleased to hear it.
The young people of Fork River took in the Leap Year ball in the Victoria Hall, Winnipegosis and report a good time. Some tried to discover the north pole but did not locate it. Better luck next time.
Wm. King took a business trip to Winnipeg to interview the Government regarding an elevator at this point and other business. He also attended the Provincial Grand Orange Lodge in session which was well represented from all parts of Manitoba and good work accomplished.
Mrs. Johnston and son, of Winnipegosis, are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. Kennedy.
A children’s service was held in All Saints’ Church by Mr. H. McCartney, to which a special invitation was extended to the parents. There was a large turnout and all were well pleased with the service.
Miss Pearl Wilson has kindly taken the place of Miss Dixon as organist.
The scribe wishes to thank the other fellow in the Press for correcting him, for when he said five dollars he was giving him the benefit of the doubt. Open confession they say is good for the soul and he must feel relieved after telling us it cost seven dollars a rod which knock his year about gratis work higher than a cocked hat. As for the P.O. and P.M. still doing business at the old stand is one of the greatest farces for wasting Government money we know of. The catalogue and circular trick must be about run out. How about those maps and pamphlets he mentions. Just the thing to start a picture gallery in our friend’s hen house so he can give biddy lessons in geography while she’s laying right in your mitt, friend.

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