Today in the Dauphin Herald – Feb 5 – 1914

1914 Feb 5 – Fork River

Miss Pearl Cooper returned home from a month’s visit among her numerous friends in Dauphin.
Rev. Ernest Williams returned from a visit to his parishioners at Winnipegosis.
William Northam is a visitor to the lake town on important business.
The first heavy snowstorm of the season reached here on Wednesday last and there is enough of the beautiful snow to satisfy those who have much teaming to do.
John Clemens paid a visit to Dauphin in connection with the elevator here.
Wm. Davis, of Fork River, was taken seriously ill at Winnipegosis on his return from a trip up the lake for fish with his teams and he never rallied but passed away on Sunday morning. Our heart felt sympathy hoes to Mrs. Davis in this her greatest bereavement.
The Mossey River Council will meet at Winnipegosis on Thursday, Feb 12.
Those K’s referred to make a great team; hard to beat; even the Irish wit is left dumbfounded. A few more Scotch emigrants and Whitechapel cockneys would be good thing for this community. They are noted for their straight talk not like the L’s [1 line missing] follow up the K’s as for alphabet regulations, but ??? buck anything the K’s are interested in, for what reason is best known to themselves. The K’s are not looking for trouble but are not sleeping friends. Nuff said.

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