Returning to My Projects

Over the past year, and then some, I’ve been on a hiatus of sorts as both my laptop and external hard-drive failed. Thankfully, the content on those drives was saved, however, I took a break from my genealogical work to focus on other projects. With a brand new internal and external hard-drive I’m ready to return to work on the Dauphin Herald, Marion Harland, and on genealogical sleuthing.

One of the reasons why I type out the text from these articles is because it makes it easier to do a keyword search for names, places, or other events. I can tag each post and zero in on the articles I think are of the most interest to myself and other folks.

While a website such as is very helpful the technology to transcribe from poor photocopies is still not there and based on my experience sometimes utterly useless when words are turned into gobbledygook.

A lot of the work for the Dauphin Herald 1910-1919 has been completed but what has kept me from posting is that I’ve also tried to include links to soldier’s attestation records which has slowed me immensely as I like to have completed work before it goes up.

Seeing as there are still many blanks I’m going to change my strategy and post what I have completed in order to get it up as there is a lot of very interesting information especially from the war years. I can follow up on any missing information at a later date.

From here on out there should be more regular additions to content.


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