Today in the Dauphin Herald – Mar 30 – 1911

1911 Mar 30 – Fork River

Mr. John Richardson of Laurier, paid a visit to Fork on Saturday’s train. We are always pleased to see old-timers.
Mr. Frank Hafenbrak returned on Wednesday’s train with a nice team of mares and a colt.
In glancing over the columns of the Montreal Star it was noticed the Ottawa Government has branched out in the House Painting lines. A Mr. L. gets a house painted by men in Government employ for $375.62 which is estimated by practical painters to be worth $900 to $1000. Whew! We have some buildings and a hall at Fork River that need painting. If we could only get those gentlemen who were so good as to close the Immigration Hall at a time it was most needed to kindly entreat with Sir Wilfred for us he would be delighted no doubt to oblige us with a cut of some sort.
We have been informed Mr. Hafenbrak has purchased the farms of Mr. Richards and Harcourt Vennis. This with the adjoining farms he owns make up a property second to none in Fork River district.
Orange ball in the Orange Hall tonight.
Mrs. Scrase returned Saturday, after visiting her husband a few days, who is in the Dauphin Hospital at present.
Negotiations are going on for the sale of two or three farms in this neighbourhood. The deals are expected to be completed this week.

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