Today in the Dauphin Herald – Mar 28 – 1912

1912 Mar 28 – Fork River

J. Nowsod, who has been teaching school at Gordon, Sask., is on a short visit to his parents.
Mr. Reid of Rathwell, who purchased the Bellhouse farm, has arrived with his family and two cars of stock and implements. We are pleased to welcome him among us.
C. Clark returned from a few days visit at Dauphin on business.
Mr. Parker accountant for the Armstrong Trading Co. was here from Winnipegosis, also O. Bellamy at the company store here.
Fred Storrar, our new mail carrier, entertained his friends at his mansion over the Mossey. Quite a number were present and report a good time.
Edwin King returned home after spending the winter with the Williams’ Timber Co.
N. Little one of our enterprising farmers and merchants, returned from Brandon with a good Percheron stallion, which should help the horse raising business in this part.
Everyone is busy pushing the wood business before the sleighing breaks up. It is time it was moving.


Replying to a paragraph in the Dauphin Press of last week, we notice the scribe for that paper takes the trouble to bring our old friend “Billy K” into his remarks and we would like to say that if the scribes wishes “Billy K” to take any notice of his remarks he had better work his phrases a little different. Anyone who knows anything about Fork River and locality knows the said gentleman has done more for the benefit of this part of the country than anyone else. Perhaps the scribe for the “Press” is a stranger, at least we presume so, or these remarks would most certainly have been omitted. We fail to see the “grouse” except his own remarks.
Rumours are about of two marriages in the near future. Good luck. Another two bachelors captured.
Duncan Kennedy tells us Fred Storrar is the mail carrier between Fork River station and post office. We are glad to hear this as Fred deserves to get on.
The Armstrong store will be closed next Friday, March 29th for annual stocktaking. The post office will be opened as usual from 8 a.m. till 9 p.m.
Mr. Johnston, of Winnipegosis, is visiting at the home of his daughter, Mrs. D. Kennedy.
The cordwood is rushing in before this last fall of snow goes.

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