Today in the Dauphin Herald – Feb 20 – 1913

1913 Feb 20 – Escaped in Night Clothes

Hallie Burrell, who has been fishing at Mafeking, was in town this week, en route to his home at Winnipegosis. He was unfortunate in having his camp burned out through the night about a week ago, and was not able to save anything, barely escaping in his night clothes.

1913 Feb 20 – Fork River

Sandy Cameron, of Mowat, is wearing a broad simile these days. The fairies left a son and their at their fireside and there is great rejoicing over the events.
Mrs. H.H. Scrase and son paid a shot visit to Winnipegosis last week.
Mrs. Andrew Rowe has more help. It’s a new girlie. Robert Rowe is stepping around on air these days. It’s a son and heir. Good luck, Robert.
J. Playford, of Dauphin, agent for the J.L. Case Co., was a visitor at Nat Little’s on business.
Mrs. D. Kennedy and daughter returned from a visit to the Lake Town.
A number of people visited the home of M. and Mrs. F. Cooper up the Fork and they report a very pleasant time there.
S. Cameron, of Mowat, took a trip to Winnipeg on business last week.
D. Kennedy is taking a trip to Winnipegosis. We don’t know whether it’s the snow that attracts or what, but judging from the pace he was going he intends breaking the record or know the reason why.
We noticed our genial friend Frank Hechter, of Winnipegosis around today all smiles as usual. The fact is they can’t keep away. Its like the mumps, catching.

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