Ochapowace’s Treaty Annuity List 1874-1909

I have created an index of Ochapowace’s Treaty Annuity Lists from 1874 to 1909 found on reels C-7145 to C-7153.

The information below is of the reel number, the image number, the name of the Band, where the annuity was paid, the date, the Treaty numbers recorded, the page number in the book, and any notes about the list. I would like to revisit the list at a later date to include a permalink for each year.

Although these lists often only included the name of the person taking the annuity payment, I found it very helpful in my research.

The Treaty Annuity List reels can be found here:

ReelImage #BandPaid atDateTreaty #sPagesNotes
C-714517-18KakiishiwayQu’Appelle18741-501-3No names
C-714542-43KakiishiwayQu’Appelle18751-5044-46No names
C-7145434-435Loud Voice KakishewayQu’Appelle and Fort Walsh1879-08-25n/a9-10
C-71451181KawkeeshewayCrooked Lake1882-09-221-4541-44
C-71451486-1469KakishchewayCrooked Lakes1883-10-061-5249-51
C-714686-88KakishchewayCrooked Lakes1884-07-291-8439-421
C-7146374-377OchapowaceCrooked Lakes1885-10-121-8545-482
C-7146769-773OchapowaceReserve No 71 Crooked Lakes18861-9946-50Date not recorded
C-71461277-1280OchapowaceCrooked Lakes1887-07-121-9950-53
C-7147227-230OchapowaceCrooked Lakes1888-07-241-10088-91
C-7147697-704OchapowaceCrooked Lake1889-07-151-104100-107
C-71471186-1194OchapowaceCrooked Lake1890-07-161-109166-174
C-7148105-113OchapowaceCrooked Lake1891-10-061-114226-243
C-7148546-554OchapowaceCrooked Lake1892-10-051-11899-107
C-7148980-984OchapowaceCrooked Lake1893-10-041-120177-186
C-71481427-1436OchapowaceCrooked Lake1894-11-021-123211-230
C-7149307-316OchapowaceCrooked Lake1895-10-161-127230-249
C-7149770-774OchapowaceCrooked Lake1896-11-061-133101-105
C-71491224-1228OchapowaceCrooked Lake1897-07-131-134103-107
C-715079-82OchapowaceReserve, Crooked Lake1898-07-135-13595-98
C-7150531-533OchapowaceCrooked Lake Agency1899-07-12&135-135218-225
C-71501022-1025OchapowaceCrooked Lake Agency1900-07-195-135214-221
C-71501574-1577OchapowaceCrooked Lake Agency1901-07-17&185-135198-205
C-7151544-547OchapowaceReserve No 711902-07-155-13691-94
C-71511098-1101OchapowaceReserve, Crooked Lake1903-07-155-136198-205
C-715294-97OchapowaceReserve, Crooked Lake1904-07-135-140180-187
C-7152676-679OchapowaceReserve No 71, Crooked Lake Agency1905-07-125-140179-185
C-7153227-230OchapowaceCrooked Lake Agency Office1907-07-105-142175-182
C-7153809-812OchapowaceCrooked Lake Agency Office1908-07-155-142198-205
C-71531439-1441OchapowaceCrooked Lake Agency Office1909-07-145-143194-199

1 The bands of Chakachas and Kahkeesheway although paid separately up to 1882, are paid together in that year, separately in 1883, and together 1884 on. Chief Chakachas resigned as chief of his band in 1882, and the band was paid under the Chief Kahkeesheway until 1884, when he died and his son Ochowpowace was elected in his place.

2 Formerly known as Kahkishsheway.

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