I made a large update to the Mossey River Honour Roll page.

I have added names to all of the communities listed under WWII: Ethelbert, Fishing River, Fork River, Sifton, and Winnipegosis. I have also added a number of dates of death which were previously missing in the WWI and WWII lists based on obituaries I have found in the Winnipeg Free Press and Dauphin Herald.

I have created a separate page for the list of teachers at the Mowat School 1232. Previously this was under the general page for the school. I have also added brith and death dates for those I could identify in the Winnipeg Free Press and Dauphin Herald.

Finally, I added a page for teachers of the North Lake School. Currently, this list is under the Mowat drop down although it will be moved when I create a North Lake School page.

My plan is to add to the transcribed lists of students.

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