It has been several months since my last post.

Presently I have been working on creating a more concrete list of Marion Harland’s weekly column entitled “School for Housewives.” I have collected approximately 313 different articles published between 1902 and 1911 from various newspapers across Canada and the United States.

Considering there are 52 weeks in a year and the articles seem to have been published once a week over a 10 year period I should need to collect a total of 520 articles. This means I may still be missing 207 articles as I have not found a continuous publication of her column within newspapers to browse online.

Year Number of Articles Collected
1902 18
1903 31
1904 43
1905 38
1906 19
1907 39
1908 33
1909 27
1910 46
1911 5

I am hoping to post more regularly on these articles in the coming year on top of more regular blog posts including in the Dauphin Herald.

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