Today in the Dauphin Herald – Aug 17 – 1911

1911 Aug 17 – Railway Improvement in Dauphin District

For a year past Mr. Harvey, M.P.P., has been pressing upon the attention of the Canadian Northern Railway officials the necessity of new station buildings at Dauphin, McCreary, Kelwood, Valley River and of a station at Ste. Rose du Lac. Lately, Mr. Harvey received a letter from Mr. McLeod, the General Manager of the Canadian Northern Railway in which the following occurs: “Referring to yours of the 22nd ult., and your enquiry regarding Dauphin station. Our plans are all prepared and we are ready to call for tenders upon final connect being given.
In reference to McCreary and Kelwood, instructions were issued some time ago to order material for suitable buildings at both of these points. The same also applies to Ste. Rose du Lac.”

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