Today in the Dauphin Herald – Aug 10 – 1911

1911 Aug 10 – Fork River

Mrs. James Munro and family of Dauphin are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. Johnston at Mowat.
Some few nights ago persons broke into the pound and cut the rope and turned lose an animal impounded. We trust the guilty parties may be found out and given the full penalty of the law. As there are too many of such animal running at large contrary to the law, what’s the Council going to do about it? Will it be the same old song we admire the man while others have to shut their animals up.
Mrs. C.E. Bailey and family are spending a week visiting friends in Dauphin.
Mrs. H.H. Scrase who is still in hospital.

Little D.F. went to town
To judge the hens and chicken,
The Shangi rooster gave a squeal
And D.F. started sprinting.

Nat Little went along
To show his Shetland ponies,
Tilt and Cameron sang the song
We are four old cronies.

F.B. he took his grip along
To tend the Independent Grit Convention,
Say boys, we don’t work it right
Tad swears he’ll stop our Pension

Lost, strayed or stolen, a bunch of Massey-Harris repairs since the 3rd of June. A general travelling agent or any one who will kindly forward the repairs will receive the everlasting thanks of the farmers of this community.

To judge by the kicking and plunging of the ass in the Press the Fork River Scribe must have put a thistle under his tail. Say next time if you know enough, leif your tail and it will not prick your conscience so much, as we judge you hate to hear the truth. We will give you a rest for a while.

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