Today in the Dauphin Herald – Jun 23 – 1910

1910 Jun 23 – Fork River

Mrs. F. Copper and Mrs. Ellis paid Winnipegosis a visit last week.
Mr. Dallas went to Dauphin on business last week.
An unusual sight can be seen in the post office here. A bantam hen daily lays its egg in one of the letterboxes.
A Liberal meeting was held here last Thursday. Mr. Shaw the Liberal candidate for this constituency gave a speech outlining the Liberal platform. He spoke in favour of compulsory education. He also thought a change was needed and hoped that at the next election the Roblin government would be out of office. Mr. Baird M.P.P. from Mountain also gave a short speech in which he hoped that everybody would help and support Mr. Shaw.
Inspector Walker from Dauphin has been visiting the schools in this district.
Mr. W. King and Mrs. Scrase returned from Winnipeg on Saturday.

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