Today in the Dauphin Herald – Jun 8 – 1911

1911 Jun 8 – Fork River

Mrs. E. Clark is visiting friends at Laurier.
Fork River Village certainly needs a school; it seems a great pity that no one seems to take any interest in the youngsters. Some of them, the majority, travel up the track 11.2 miles in all kinds of weather. If the ratepayers got busy something could be done.
While the Archbishop of Rupert’s Land was in Dauphin he visited the Hospital and had quite a long chat with the Rev. H.H. Scrase who has been some months sick but now happily recovering.
Mr. Cameron from Mowat and Mr. F.B. Lacey visited Dauphin Hospital last week.
The crops are coming on fine after the rain.
Joe Lockhart and Wm. Stonehouse are busy these days taking census. We hope they will be easier on us than of them up north. It took a whole day to do one family and its a corker what they want to know for nothing. One needs to be a walking encyclopaedia.
Mrs. McEeacheran is on a trip to the Lake Town, visiting Mrs. E. Morris.
We notice in the Press, the Mowat Kicker is taking his annual tilt at registration. He states the hall was not open till one o’clock which is a lie of the first water. The hall was open at about 12 o’clock and nearly an hour before anyone applied for registration and most of the registration was done after the supper hour. For the benefit of Mr. Kicker we might state the time changed from 9 to 12, two years ago, but the registration clerk opened all day to oblige the public this year at 12 o’clock. Its a pity when a man gets so confused he cannot tell what time it is. Cut it out friend.
Big Chief Grenon paid a flying visit to Fork River in his pit put pit to attend council meeting.
Wm. King, Registration Clerk, returned home from his trip to Pine Creek and Waterhen. He states a larger number registered this year and the roads and bridges up north are almost impassable after the heavy rains.

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