I am a amateur genealogist from Canada who is interested in exploring my ancestry from Manitoba and beyond. I will use this blog to document genealogical finds in newspapers and other sources as well as other interesting tidbits surrounding my family and others from the surrounding area.

Names: Allary, Basham, Ellis, Galbraith, Goodson, Holt, Johnston, Kotlarchuk, Masiowski, Moxam, Munro, Pascal, Pelletier, Reader, Ritchie, Storrar, White

Canada, Manitoba. Dauphin, Municipality of Mossey River (Fork River, Winnipegosis)
Canada, Ontario. Renfrew North (Forresters Falls, Ross, Westmeath)
Canada, Québec. Montréal, Ottawa (Hull)

England, London. Hackney

Ukraine (Galicia). Borshiv, Ternopil (Tsyhany)

It’s been almost a year since my first blog post in July 2012. Life has been busy with my criminology Masters studies in Amsterdam but I am going to give blogging another go. Specifically, I have changed the blog name to ‘From Mowat and Beyond’ to reflect where I started my genealogy research. The Mowat School District, No. 1232, from the municipality of Mossey River, Manitoba. I am also going to be using the GeneaBloggers Daily Blogging Prompts to help keep me working on these projects.

Today in the Dauphin Herald – Jun 6 – 1913

1913 Jun 6 – Peculiar Accident

While looking after a brood mare one day last week, Duncan Cameron, ex-M.P.P., and a leading merchant and farmer of Gilbert Plains, met with a peculiar accident. He was in close proximity to the horse’s head at the time, and as is often the case at this season of the year with brood mares, the animal was vicious, and with a quick swing of her head towards Mr. Cameron’s face, she grabbed a portion of his lower lip in her mouth and bit the piece right off. The wound is an aggravating one and it will be some time before it is healed up. It was a first thought his speech would be affected by the wound, but it is now believed this will not be the case.

Today in the Dauphin Herald – Jun 6 – 1912

1912 Jun 6 – Elevator for Fork River

They say everything comes to those who wait. This has proved to be the correct in the case of the Fork River people. This district is one of the best in the north country and during past years has produced much grain. One of the difficulties the farmers have had to contend with in the past has been the lack of storage and shipping facilities. This, however, is about to be remedied and much of the credit for the same is due to Frank Chase, who, for some time past has interested himself in getting his company to build an elevator. This week he is in receipt of a communication from the inspector of the Northern Elevator Co., Mr. Barber, stating that the company had decided to build an up-to-date elevator at Fork River. Work of building the elevator will commence this month.

1912 Jun 6 – Fork River

Mrs. Geo. Tilt has left again for Dauphin.
Mrs. Humphreys, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Wilson, returned to her home on Saturday’s train.
Capt. Russell, of Sifton, is a visitor to Fork River, these days with his trotting horse.
Mr. King, registration clerk, returned Saturday from his annual trip and reports a good crop of mosquitoes and all kinds of mud. We asked him how many Grits he met and he said one.
F.A. Storrar has recovered and is back on the mail carrier route again.
S.E. Howlett was a visitor from East Bay on Saturday and Monday and reports crops well advanced in his district.
Owing to the bad weather no service was held Sunday in All Saints’ Church. The Sunday school was well-attended irrespective of the bad day.
D. Kennedy was a visitor to the Lake Town on Friday and found lots of mosquitoes coming home.