Today in the Dauphin Herald – May 4 – 1911

1911 May 4 – Fork River

Miss Gertie Cooper returned to Dauphin spending Easter with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. Cooper.
A farmer here broke a piece on his plough and sent it to the States to the factory for the repairs which cost him 15 cents there, he then paid 35 cents expenses to straighten out the customs officer he had to put up another 53 cents duty making a total of $1.03 for a fifteen cent repair. There’s a nigger in the fence somewhere. A huge mis-or a rake off. Which?
Miss Clark spent Easter, visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. Clark.
Mr. Cameron, C.N.R., claims agent, was here on business in connection with M. Little’s horse that was struck by an engine nearly a year ago and had to be shot. Putting in a claim and getting paid are two different things. A large number of cattle and horses have been injured by the railway here but we have never heard of anyone receiving settlement. They always wiggle out of it.
Farmers requiring repairs for Massey-Harris seeding implements are requested to have patience for a month or so as we are busy at present house cleaning.
The Government Dredge has commenced operations on the Mossey River, under the management of Capt. McLean and mate P. Ellis. The River mud’s all wool and a years wide.

1911 May 4 – Sifton

Dr. Scott of Wakaw, Sask., paid us a flying visit on Thursday on his return from Ontario, where he and Mrs. Scott have been visiting friends. Mrs. Scott still remains in the east.
His Grace, Archbishop Langevin, St. Boniface, made a business trip to Sifton last week in the interests of the R.C. mission here and returned by Saturday morning’s train.
At the section house another section man has arrived. An sought pound son to Mr. and Mrs. John Reid.
Easter is now over and the booze is done. The creeks are getting low and the suckers are gone. The community is now selling down to a steadier occupation to seeding.