Today in the Dauphin Herald – Feb 1 – 1912

1912 Feb 1 – Fork River

N. Little and daughter Miss Grace have returned from Dauphin.
Wm. Ashmore, of Sifton, was here in connection with his agency.
Miss Olive Clark has returned from Dauphin and is staying with her mother.
The Sawyer and Massey age from Togo, is spending a few days here attending to the business of the firm.
Capt. Coffey, manager of the Canadian Lakes Fish Co., passed through here in his private car, the King Edward; although it was a little worse for wear it is better than nothing.
N. Little, assisted by G. Tilt, took charge of the express parcels at this points on the 23rd.
The Scribe notices that the Jackdaw has gone. It is about time he went. May all tools meet the same fate.
Post office inspector Hicks, of Winnipeg, was here and transferred the post office to D. Kennedy, of the Armstrong Trading Co. on the 25th of January.

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