Today in the Dauphin Herald – Mar 23 – 1911

1911 Mar 23 – Fork River

The members of Purple Star L.O.L., No. 1765, gave a concert on Friday night March 10th, for the benefit of our chaplain, Rev. Bro. H. Scrase, who is in the Dauphin Hospital. It was a huge success and great credit is due to the committee in charge. The turnout being the largest in the history of Fork River, a large number coming from Winnipegosis. The members of the lodge take this opportunity of thanking those who took part in the programme, and also thank the public for the way they responded to a good cause.
There will be an Orange Ball, on Friday, March 24th, gentlemen 50c, ladies free. The Fork band will be there.
Miss Daisy Lane of Dauphin, is on a visit to Fork River. We are pleased to see daisies in the lane this time of the year.
Wm. King, County Master has returned. He was a delegate to represent Dauphin P.B.P. 60, at the Grand Black Chapter and the Provincial Grande Orange Lodges of Manitoba, in Brandon. He reports the convention there the largest and most successful ever elf and the order flourishing. A pleasant time was spent and the brethren of Brandon entertained the delegates right royally.
The Sovereign Grand Orange Lodge of British America will hold its Annual Meeting this year in Winnipeg on June 28th, 1911.
Some of the high and mighty of this burgh are reciprocity crazy. What Fork River needs is an elevator and our affairs run on a more business principle than they have in the past.
School is open and Miss Allerton wields the persuader to train up our children in the way they should go.
D.F. Wilson, breeder of galloways, is on a visit to Brandon Fat Stock Show. We wish him a good time. Fork River should be well up in he heavy draught class as we have the goods here.
There is quite a scramble here for cars to load with hay and there is a lot to ship yet if we can only persuade the C.N. unaccommodating railway to give us cars before the roads are done.
This is quite a cordwood town. A large business has been done in town this winter and it is still coming in.
The usual rush is on to do a winter’s work in March, before the roads break up.

1911 Mar 23 – Sifton

Miss Dagnal of Melton, is a visitor at Winnipeg this week.
Mrs. Ivor Humphreys of Dauphin, and Miss Wilson of Fork River, were the guests of their sits Mrs. Paul Wood for a couple of days.
Nurse Reid was a visitor at Dauphin over Sunday.
Rev. D. Flemming, Dauphin, held church services here on Thursday evening.
J. Buckwold, Dauphin, shipped out two cars of oxen on Saturday to the Kindersley district.
We are very sorry to chronicle the death of the eighteen months old only child of Mr. and Mrs. John Rouschovy to whom we extend our sympathy in their bereavement.
John Petresh, who has been in the employ of Mr. C.A. Jones as store clerk, for the last couple of years, has left for Dauphin to resume school studies. A good step in the right direction and shows a very good example of thrift.
D.F. Wilson, Fork River, passed through on Saturday on his way home from attending he fat stock show at Brandon.

Today in the Dauphin Herald – Jan 4 – 1912

1912 Jan 4 – Cobb Committed For Trial

Wilfred Russell Cobb, acting as station agent at Sifton, charged with misappropriating funds belonging to the C.N.R., to the extent of $853, was committed for trial on Saturday last by P.M. Munson. Cobb was taken to Portage on Sunday by P.C. Rooke. F.E. Simpson appeared for the company and J.L. Bowman represented Cobb.

1912 Jan 4 – Rowland Parke Killed

Some few weeks ago Mrs. Rowland Parke, of Sperling, Man., and late of Dauphin Plains, received a cable from Wagg Wagga, N.W.S., to the effect that Mr. Parke had been killed while going for a load of wood. Since then newspapers containing accounts of the accident have been received. It appears that his employer, Mr. McGeoch, of Egan Creek, five miles from Yerong Creek, sent Mr. Parke for a load of wood about 11 o’clock on Oct. 28th, and as he had not returned at 2 o’clock, he sent a boy to see what was the matter. The boy found Mr. Parke insensible near a fallen tree. He was at once taken to the hospital, where he remained unconscious from the time of the accident until the 31st, a period of three days.
Mr. Parke was one of the early settlers of Dauphin, coming here some twenty years ago. He leaves a widow and four mall children, the eldest being under 12 years. Mr. Parke is now a resident at Sperling, Man.

1912 Jan 4 – Fork River

Mr. Goodhand, agent for the Magnet cream separator, has been spending a few days here on business.
The house of Morley Snelgrove was destroyed by fire the other morning. Nothing was saved. The building was insured for a small amount.
Earl and Sydney Benner and Miss Laura and Amy Benner, of Saskatchewan, are visiting at E.H. Benner’s for the holidays.
Miss M. Allerton has been engaged to wield the rod of correction over the scholars of the Mossey River School for the year 1912.
Purple Star L.O.L. 1765, held their annual meeting in the Orange Hall, Fork River, on Dec. 20. The finances of the lodge are in a good condition and after the general routine of business the election of officers for the year 1912 was proceeded with: W.M., Bro. A. Hunt; D.M., Bro. C. Clark; Chaplain, Bro. Wm. King; Fin. Sec., Bro. C.E. Bailey; Treasurer, Bro. S. Bailey; D. of C., Bro., F. Cooper; Lecturer, Bro. F. Hafenbrak; D. Lect., Bro. F. King; 1st Committeeman, Bro. Edwin King; Committeeman, Bros Morris, Ellis, Hodgson and McKerchar.
E. Munro of Brandon is visiting at the home of A. Hunt for the holidays.
J. Seale, a timber inspector, was here last week issuing permits to cut timber on government lands.

1912 Jan 4 – Fork River

Frank Bailey, of Winnipeg, spent the holiday with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bailey.
Miss Olive and Lizzie Clark, of Dauphin, are home for the holidays.
The annual Xmas tree, under the auspices of the Church of England S.S., was held on Dec. 22nd, in the Orange Hall. It was a fine evening and a large crowd turned out. The tree looked fine and was heavily loaded with presents. At 8:30 the chair was taken by Mr. Wm. King, churchwarden, and an excellent programme was rendered under the direction of Miss Mason and Miss Allerton and praise must be given them for their assistance. The program opened with a coral called “Good King Wincheless,” recitations and songs were given by the school children. After the program the S.S. prizes were given out by Mr. King, superintendent and Mr. Harding, lay reader. Mr. H. Benner made a good Santa Claus. Supper was served at 12 o’clock and everybody went home happy and contented.
The “Jackass” who writes for the “Jackdaw” column for the Press, had an item in the last issue of that paper referring to the likely change in the post officer here. When he states that the prospective postmaster had no vote he simply shows that he don’t know what he is talking about. It would be idle on your Correspondent’s part to waste any time replying to the little fellow as I find he is regarded as a joke pretty much by everybody.