Jan 2014 Update

I just wanted to let my readers know what’s been going these past few weeks into Jan 2014.

Right now I’m backdating ‘Today in the Dauphin Herald’ for the 1910s for 2013. It seemed to make more sense if I did it that way than continue to update it into the new year just yet. I will post Nov articles and then move to Aug, Jul, Jun etc until I’ve completed the year.

I’ve got myself a day job so I haven’t been able to get to the Archives downtown to go through the microfilm rolls between 1924-1929 to get started on the 1920s. An annoyance I have is that the typeface has changed for the Herald making it difficult to spot communities names as they are now the same size as the regular text. This is compounded by the fact that I have to hold my head at a 90 degree angle to view the microfilm reel. This makes it difficult to get as much information as I can copied with any real speed. I don’t doubt that I’ve missed an interested related article or two simply because everything blends together unless I’m scanning the page inch by inch. After that I still have the 1930s and 1940s which I am really excited to post as it has more relation to my family history.

I’m also trying to post a few transcript copies of Mowat school attendance records from 1916-1944. I’ve been having some trouble find records past 1944 due to either them being lost or misplaced within the microfilm reel. Records from before 1916 seem to have also been lost or destroyed.

I’ve been trying to plan out future 52 Ancestors posts and there are a number of them I’ve written and are ready to go. There is going to be a heavy disproportion of paternal ancestors than maternal ones but I will get to the reason why in future writing.

Finally, a project that I’ve been working on for quite some time is a more flushed out version of Pioneers of the Mowat School District, No. 1232, 1904 – 1968. This booklet was published in 1988 by the Mowat School District Heritage Committee (Joe and Kay Robertson, Pauline Johnston, Earl and Ailie Gower, Mary Miller, Ernie and Viola Johnston, Beatrice Dewbury, John Zabiaka, and Laverne Carriere). In 1999 a large book, Memoirs “From the Past”: Rural Municipality of Mossey River, was published after the 1996 reunion. Using the Internet and better access to sources such as census records, land grants, newspapers and archives records I would like to create another Mowat centered booklet full of more information. I’ve already recreated a more accurate map of the Mowat district with a list of pioneers on the Mowat Pioneers page. I want to develop this more in the coming year.


I am a amateur genealogist from Canada who is interested in exploring my ancestry from Manitoba and beyond. I will use this blog to document genealogical finds in newspapers and other sources as well as other interesting tidbits surrounding my family and others from the surrounding area.

Names: Allary, Basham, Ellis, Galbraith, Goodson, Holt, Johnston, Kotlarchuk, Masiowski, Moxam, Munro, Pascal, Pelletier, Reader, Ritchie, Storrar, White

Canada, Manitoba. Dauphin, Municipality of Mossey River (Fork River, Winnipegosis)
Canada, Ontario. Renfrew North (Forresters Falls, Ross, Westmeath)
Canada, Québec. Montréal, Ottawa (Hull)

England, London. Hackney

Ukraine (Galicia). Borshiv, Ternopil (Tsyhany)

It’s been almost a year since my first blog post in July 2012. Life has been busy with my criminology Masters studies in Amsterdam but I am going to give blogging another go. Specifically, I have changed the blog name to ‘From Mowat and Beyond’ to reflect where I started my genealogy research. The Mowat School District, No. 1232, from the municipality of Mossey River, Manitoba. I am also going to be using the GeneaBloggers Daily Blogging Prompts to help keep me working on these projects.

Pioneer Quest

A tv show has recently come to mind as I’ve started working on my board game. It’s called Pioneer Quest: A Year in the Real West. I remember watching this show when it first aired in 2000-2001 on the History Channel.

While it has been some time since I watched the series I remember one scene in particular. During the winter Frank decided to start making his wife, Alana, some moccasins as cabin fever was hitting him hard.

Pioneer Quest: A Year in the Real West is the documentary history of two modern couples, Tim and Deanna and Frank and Alana, who spent a year authentically experiencing a Manitoba pioneer homesteader’s way of life. Unless the producers had a time machine capable of transporting the modern pioneers back to Manitoba in the 1870s, it is quite inconceivable that a more realistic portrayal of homesteading life in Canada’s western prairies could have been created.

Stewart, Ian. (2002). Pioneer Quest: A Year in the Real West. CM Magazine. 8(20).

I think I will purchase a copy of the DVDs which run $120 on the Treadway’s website.

There are several other shows created in the same respect as Pioneer Quest done by the same producer, Jamie Brown. There is Quest for the Bay (2002) which follows a group of 8 who attempt to travel by York boat from Winnipeg to an old trading post in Hudson Bay, Klondike: The Quest for Gold (2003) which follows a group of five who retrace the historic route taken during the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush, and Quest for the Sea (2004) which follows 2 families as they return to the way of life, circa 1937, in a remote fishing village in Newfoundland.

Quest for the Bay (2002)

Klondike: The Quest for Gold (2003)

Quest for the Sea (2004)

On a more comedic note it also reminds me of a Simpsons (Helter Shelter – S14E05) episode where they participate in a reality tv show where they return to living as if it were 1895.

Genealogy Board Game P1

After reading about the genealogy board game at Olive Tree Genealogy I decided to attempt to make one of my own. While the amount of genealogical research I’ve completed it not as extensive as her own I think could still make a pretty good go at it.

Based on the steps found here:

Genealogy Board Game P1, Genealogy Board Game P2, Genealogy Board Game P3, Genealogy Board Game P4

Once I’ve created a board, cards, etc. to my liking and have tested it out I will be using thegamecrafter.com to create a more permanent game board.

On top of this I think I will also include some elements of the game of life such as jobs and LIFE tokens where the money collected during the game will be used to purchase a home.